VPN 替代工具

特性聚焦 VPN 替代工具

简单易用的 VPN 替代工具可谓创业者和小型企业的福音

当您在世界各地设有办公室,且需要从同一个虚拟专用网络 (VPN) 访问办公桌面上的文件时,所产生的费用和机会成本往往令人生畏。对于小型企业而言,创建专用 VPN 不仅费用高昂,而且异常繁琐。即使您已有专用网络,那么缓慢的 VPN 速度也是阻碍企业提高生产率的头号桎梏之一。

TeamViewer™ 是解决 Windows 计算机、远程服务器维护及远程文件访问问题的唯一一体化解决方案,但价格仅为 VPN 维护费用的三分之一。


TeamViewer Features

TeamViewer’s VPN alternative consists of a collection of features that enhance productivity.

  • Connect to any computer or mobile device, whether or not it’s behind a firewall, as long as it has a TeamViewer client installed.
  • Share files of any size with transfer speeds up to 200 MB/s.
  • Enable cross-platform access, from PC to Mac, Mac to PC, and all other combinations.
  • Install TeamViewer as a system service to enable access to servers at any time.
  • Wake-on-LAN allows you to wake up computers in sleep mode and start working on them.
  • Black screen allows you to make sure no one else is watching while you work on your desktop remotely.



您可免费试用 TeamViewer

您可试用我们的产品 15 天,无任何风险。我们会立即向您寄送开始使用所需的一切资料,并助您提升团队的生产率。

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