TeamViewer 确保业务协作更流畅


TeamViewer 如何满足我的所有在线协作需求?

与独立式协作工具不同,TeamViewer 的一体化方法可确保在一个便捷的服务包中包含有效通信和协作工作所需的一切。无论您居家办公,还是希望与海外的同事协作,此款软件皆能为您提供用于音频和视频通信的完全集成的在线会议解决方案。该通信功能可与交互式屏幕共享和远程访问功能配合使用,从而实现流畅的团队协作。有了 TeamViewer,您便拥有了每个团队协作场景所需的各种工具。

如何利用 TeamViewer 的优势以独特的方式改善在线业务协作?


使您能够任意选择最有效的方式与所有同事和业务合作伙伴无缝连接。例如,如果您在家远程办公,TeamViewer 的内置视频会议解决方案会让您感到犹如身处办公室一样。可轻松进行即时通讯聊天、VoIP 通话和视频会议。会议期间,您也可以使用在线白板功能阐明您的观点。您还可利用 TeamViewer 完全控制谁可通过门锁功能访问会议。


TeamViewer enables tangible, hands-on online collaboration via screen sharing and remote access. The former allows you and your colleagues or clients can effortlessly share screens – including during meetings – to highlight problems, give demonstrations, and share feedback on specific features. The latter is ideal for taking control of a team member’s device remotely, so that you can give or receive direct remote assistance on a particular issue and actively interact with each other’s work.


与某些协作软件不同,TeamViewer 是一个完整的远程访问和通信软件包,在多种操作系统间具有完整的跨平台功能。无论您的团队成员和协作伙伴使用 Windows、MacOS、Linux、Chrome OS,还是 Android,都可以在同一个平台上工作。因此,不同的操作系统需求绝不会成为实现流畅业务协作的阻碍。这种全面的兼容性还意味着,如果您需要远程工作,例如在笔记本电脑上工作,您也可以继续进行协作,丝毫不会受到限制。


将 TeamViewer 用作协作工具不仅意味着您可以方便地与同事连接,还可以快速、轻松地共享重要的文件或文档。无需搜索最新版本的演示文稿,亦无需在聊天记录中搜索文档。通过使用连接到云存储服务供应商的便捷文件夹,可确保文档始终保持最新,且立即可供所有参与者使用。借助 TeamViewer 的云协作功能,您可以集中精力共同高效地开展工作,而无需组织文件。

How can I use TeamViewer for effective remote team collaboration?

TeamViewer’s multi-faceted functionality makes it the ideal all-in-one business collaboration solution for working on joint projects remotely, whether you are working from home or cooperating with colleagues elsewhere. In addition to the online conferencing features, allowing you to jump on video calls with ease, you can use TeamViewer Chat to discuss important topics on the fly, without having to sift through complex email threads. The software also displays when your contacts are online and ready to collaborate, so you can pick the most opportune moment. Consequently, you can communicate fluidly with your co-collaborators, and with minimal disruption. Furthermore, TeamViewer makes business collaboration on the same project highly convenient and effective. In particular, the unattended access feature allows you to control a device remotely, meaning you and a co-collaborator can work on the same workstation, even if you are on the other side of the world. This way, contributors can pick up from precisely where their project partner left off, without any delay.


您的在线安全是最重中之重,因此 TeamViewer 提供行业领先的保护等级。通过将端到端加密应用于所有通信、文件、文档和用户数据,确保敏感的业务信息始终受到保护,可让您高枕无忧。为了进一步提供保护,公钥基础设施 (PKI) 可有效防止“中间人攻击。”此外,您可以采用双因素身份验证,在移动设备上生成访问 TeamViewer 帐户时需要的代码。

我如何利用 TeamViewer 测试在线协作?

您可尝试简单至极的协作功能。只需下载 TeamViewer,即可开始免费试用,无需购买。五分钟之内,即可享用全面的业务协作功能。如果您决定购买,您将获得 7 天退款保证。

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