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TeamViewer 是否拥有自己的服务器和数据中心?

不,TeamViewer 没有自己的数据中心。TeamViewer 与符合 ISO 27001 和 HIPAA/HITECH 标准的数据中心供应商签约,并利用多冗余载波连接和冗余电源。这其中包括 RAID 阵列数据保护、数据镜像、数据备份、高度可用的服务器存储、具有灾难恢复机制的路由器系统,以及用于提供连续服务的程序。


Alibaba Cloud
Amazon AWS
IBM Cloud
Microsoft Azure

能否提供 TeamViewer 使用的 IP 地址列表?

TeamViewer 的 IP 地址并不处于同一个子网上,且可能随时变更,因此没有固定列表。您需要做的只是将 * 列入白名单或开放防火墙上的端口 5938。

Should I grant remote access to my computer or device?

If you have requested support and/or know the person requesting access and they are doing so for reasons you are aware of, you can grant them remote access.

We advise TeamViewer users to be careful with unsolicited phone calls and to not grant access to your PC to anyone you do not know or trust. TeamViewer does not provide remote support services of any kind. Our activities are limited to developing and selling the software tools that providers use to offer remote support services.

If you have experienced or suspect a case of malicious use of TeamViewer, please contact our privacy team via the report a scam form.

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