iOS 屏幕共享

特性聚焦 iOS 屏幕共享

iPhone 和& iPad 用户无论身处何地均可获得支持

TeamViewer 的开创性解决方案充分利用了 Apple 最新版本 iOS 11 的全新功能,因此,广大用户通过此解决方案有史以来首次可与任何其他桌面或移动设备实时共享他们的 iPhone 或 iPad 屏幕。

在通过 TeamViewer™ 提供远程支持时,您可实时查看远程 iOS 设备的屏幕,从而使您能够将对 iOS 的支持无缝集成到现有流程中。通过在每个设备、平台或操作系统中提供持续一致的技术支持,不仅可提高您的工作效率,还可为终端用户带来美妙体验。


Seamless iPhone and iPad Screen Sharing

The ability to mirror iPhone and iPad screens to remote desktop or mobile devices can enhance collaboration and remote support experiences, whether you need screen sharing capabilities for business or personal use. With TeamViewer’s latest innovation, iOS device users can now avoid complex workarounds, immediately getting to the task at hand. All it takes is TeamViewer’s QuickSupport app to enable a remote device to view your iPhone or iPad screen in real time.

TeamViewer QuickSupport: Mobile App

It’s now even easier to connect to and provide support for iPhones and iPads! As long as their device is running iOS 11, users can share their screen using the TeamViewer QuickSupport app. Your connection partner simply has to press the button embedded in the chat in the QuickSupport app and the screen sharing will start immediately.

* Only available for some licenses with the Support for Mobile AddOn



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