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For developers

Develop applications that integrate TeamViewer functionality into your own corporate environment using the TeamViewer API.

The TeamViewer API

TeamViewer provides a web-based API that allows you to access data and control various aspects of your TeamViewer account. You can use the API to develop apps that integrate TeamViewer functionality into your own corporate environment or you can develop apps that everyone can use. The API uses REST to communicate with your application and the secure authorization standard OAuth 2.0 to manage access to all data.


Sample use cases

  • Create a service case out of a customer’s ticket within your help desk.
  • Start a meeting from within a chat app and invite chat partners directly.
  • Integrate a “Request a support session” button into your web application.
  • Schedule a meeting in a third-party calendar app.
  • Extract connection reports from the TeamViewer Management Console into Excel for further processing and generating statistics.
  • See if a contact from your CRM is online in TeamViewer and directly ask them to start a remote control session to their computer.
  • Automatically export connections reports from the TeamViewer Management Console every night for offline and flexible usage (e. g. for billing).
  • Directly connect to a computer from within your favorite asset management system, using the password that is stored in your Computers and Contacts list.
  • Quickly import the entire support team into your TeamViewer company profile.
  • Automatically create a new TeamViewer account for every new user in your Active Directory.
  • Get list of all monitors and based on the monitor ID get the check results for specified date or get alarms data for specified monitor.
  • Get list of device and monitoring as well as patch management policy IDs to activate Monitoring and Patch Management services.

Get started

Start developing right now

Developing your own application is easy. Follow the steps below or jump right into the API documentation to get started right away.

In the TeamViewer API, two different ways of using the API are distinguished: Either through Scripts or through Apps.

Apps are developed to be used by many different accounts. Because of this, Scripts and Apps have different ways of accessing TeamViewer data, represented by different types of tokens.

If you want to use the API for your own data only, create a script token. Don’t worry if you change your mind later, you can still migrate to an App with ease. If you want to create an App to be used by other TeamViewer customers, go ahead and create an OAuth 2.0 Client ID.

*Users are redirected to the URI after granting your application access to their data. If set, only authorization requests will be granted that use the given Redirect URI. Can be changed later.

API Documentation

The documentation of the TeamViewer API provides a detailed description of the available methods (including examples for the method calls) as well as basic information on using the API.


Our example scripts

We provide some pre-built scripts to help you to get started with developing your own applications. The scripts are available for PowerShell and Python.


Download the scripts for User Management, Reporting and Active Directory or take a look at the examples below to get some helpful impressions.

Code example

Service queue

With the service queue, you can manage customer support cases in your TeamViewer and the TeamViewer Management Console.


This example provides an application that creates a service case. Using the attached program code you are able to comprehend how you can integrate the service queue features in your own application environment. You can download the app and C# code below.