Enhance Salesforce Sales and Service Cloud with remote support tools

Enhance the customer journey with remote features and AR

Successful organizations need to engage with customers in many ways, while maintaining access to customer information at all times. Sales, support, and customer satisfaction departments need to work together seamlessly to provide a coherent customer journey. For that reason, it is important for these teams’ tools to be available throughout the customer engagement platform.

Resolve issues faster and increase customer satisfaction 

The TeamViewer Tensor integration for Salesforce Sales and Service Cloud enables all customer engagement contact points of an organization to support customers by connecting to their device or guide them with the help of augmented reality on a purchase, on the use of the product, or in resolving an issue.

By providing a rich reporting and notification system to all employees, they can instantly see if and how previous employees tried to support the customer and efficiently manage multiple customer support cases in parallel.

Exclusive partnership with everything included

TeamViewer’s seamless integration with Salesforce means there’s no training necessary – and you get the full feature set right out of the box. It’s the only remote support tool to provide remote connectivity and AR-support across all Salesforce subscription tiers (Essentials, Professional, Enterprise, and Unlimited), with support for 10+ languages.

Salesforce integration highlights

Make your world work better in Salesforce with xAssist

The xAssist add-on for Salesforce Cloud allows you to start an AR-assisted call from any Salesforce widget including Case, Contact, and Account. xAssist will automatically generate reports that include message logs, troubleshooting images, and other call details you can seamlessly pass back into Salesforce.

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