Illustration showing concept of distributed remote work environments

Managing Distributed Work Environments

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn more about the challenges of “Anywhere Work” and how to overcome them successfully.

The Webinar at a Glance

Title: Managing Distributed Work Environments
Duration: 25 minutes
Availability: On-Demand

As “Anywhere Work” is becoming the new normal, the challenges for your company’s security setup are growing. At the same time, your support faces new demands that go along with these dynamic work environments, including assisting a distributed workforce from anywhere and supporting and managing IT/OT assets remotely.

Watch this webinar to find out how innovative security frameworks and the right tools can help you manage your distributed workforce and assets as efficiently and securely as possible.

What You’ll Learn in this Webinar

  • Understand the risks and issues of “Anywhere Work” and what factors contribute to them.
  • Gain insight into the principles of Zero Trust and learn how this framework helps you overcome the many challenges “Anywhere Work” poses.
  • Discover why IT support needs a new approach and how the right tools can help your support teams be more efficient.
  • Learn more about the challenges of IoT/OT support and how you can simplify the management of those assets.

Featured Guest

Paddy Harrington

Senior Analyst Security & Risk at Forrester

Paddy is responsible for helping cybersecurity leaders understand the broader endpoint security landscape and guiding them towards the solutions that address their challenges.

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