Illustration showing industrial AR and enterprise solutions for after-sales service

Next-Generation After-Sales Support

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All you need to know

Title: Next-Generation After-Sales Support
Duration: 18 minutes
Availability: On-demand

In a world of labor shortage, high sustainability demands as well as increased costs and unseen complexity, advanced connectivity infrastructure is the answer to future-proofing your after-sales support.

Learn how you can go from having your experts travel the world at high cost to providing support to your customers in an instant – you’ll get the possibility to not only launch new premium services with a fast ROI but even increase your profitability all together.

In this webinar, our expert will walk you through solutions that can get you ahead of your competitors.

In this webinar you’ll learn:

  • All about the challenges endangering smooth aftersales services today
  • How with today’s connectivity infrastructure support can be provided without travelling
  • What kind of cutting-edge technology TeamViewer’s comprehensive after-sales solution provides
  • What benefits as well as additional revenue potential will come with implementing next-generation after-sales services

About the speaker

Jan Junker

Executive Vice President Sales – EMEA at TeamViewer

Jan is responsible for the smooth integration of TeamViewer’s innovative solutions into customer-specific environments. As one of the three co-founders and CCO of Ubimax, the global leader in industrial augmented reality solutions acquired by TeamViewer, Jan was responsible for business development, sales, marketing, and solution delivery worldwide. He has more than ten years of practical experience in the consulting and service environment, especially at the interface between business and IT.

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