特性聚焦 远程设备控制



完全不必担心需要亲临客户、同事或服务器所在地去解决技术问题。现在,您可远程解决问题。只需在办公桌旁即可只需所有 IT 任务,让您尽享便利。若您能够远程访问设备,便不必前往当地。

担心安全性?我们会支持您。TeamViewer™ 提供端到端加密、白名单和黑名单及许多其他行业领先的安全措施,可确保您和您的客户始终安全无虞。


Primary User Control

With TeamViewer, you can easily log into your partner’s device to fix IT issues. Once the authentication is approved, you have the ability to manage the IT service request quickly and easily with access to all of the functionalities of the remote device.

Control a remote computer, Android device, or Windows 10 mobile device as if you were the primary user. With this kind of control, you don’t have to worry about roadblocks. You’ll be able to transfer files, fix bugs, and access information all in one place.

Using TeamViewer for Business

TeamViewer supports user account control (UAC), direct LAN connections via TCP/IP, and a true virtual private network (VPN) channel. In addition to desktop sharing, you’ll be able to provide seamless technical support for any device with TeamViewer installed.



您可免费试用 TeamViewer

您可试用我们的产品 15 天,无任何风险。我们会立即向您寄送开始使用所需的一切资料,并助您提升团队的生产率。

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